More Wallpaper

Currently we have 2 more rooms with wallpaper in them. The dining room which has this sort of off white stripes thing going on. All in all, not hideous and we can completely live with it for a while. Then there is the master bath that has the pink and flowers striped wallpaper. Cannot live with that.

 I heard from the painter last week and hopefully he’ll be coming this week to paint the kitchen and the master bedroom, as well as patching all the bad spots I made in the bathroom I peeled last week. That makes me wonder though, if I should get moving on peeling this bathroomso he can patch it too. I mean I’m sure it’ll be almost as ugly, except maybe not quite as ugly since they didn’t paint over this one.. but still. I doubt the people that put it up did a better job with it or anything. So now I actually sort of want to peel the wallpaper.

I think there might be something wrong with me.

One thought on “More Wallpaper

  1. I think I’m going to call you up and hire you to renovate my house whenever I decide to finally buy one. You are definitely a pro at this now 🙂


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