London Bridges Falling Down

Ok, has anyone else heard that new song by Fergie? I heard it in the car the other day on my way home from work. It.Was.Awful. I mean horrible! I was listening to it trying to decide who it was. I thought maybe it was Paris Hilton or someone embarassing like that, but then I heard it was Fergie. She has such a pretty voice!

I also learned a new slang term. When I googled “London Bridges” and “Fergie” to make sure I wasn’t hallucenating. I don’t know if it was common knowledge and I’d been living under a rock, but apparently when someone makes your “London Bridge Fall Down” they’re “making you hot (sexual)”. Who knew!

2 thoughts on “London Bridges Falling Down

  1. You know, I heard it yesterday in the car and thought this very same thing. It sucked. What is with using children’s rhyme’s or children’s songs for pop songs now?? Wasn’t their some rap song that used “It’s a Hardknock Life” from “Annie” a couple years back????


  2. This song can’t be worse than that Annie ripoff. Ugh thanks for reminding me of that awfulness, Di. 🙂

    I haven’t heard this song yet, but I did notice she had a CD coming out (maybe its out already, who knows?). I thought wow that might be decent, because she does have a great voice. Sorry to hear it sucks.


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