Wallpaper Stripping is Murder on your Feet

And I don’t just mean how much they’ll ache after you’ve spent 5 hours standing on various things in your bathroom peeling wallpaper. Not to mention the fact that once you were almost done you relized it would have been a good idea to cut your nails BEFORE peeling, not after, because even your fingernails hurt from peeling. All that asside, my poor feet got beat up. Or really, I guess it was just my right foot. Odd. Just noticed that.

By the end of the day there were numerous little red scratches on the top of my foot, one scratch on the ball of my foot and one scrach on the side of my foot that I got when I was hopping off the counter into a pile of wallpaper peelings on the floor. The pile also (apparently) contained a (surprising sharp) toilet brush. Cue bandaid. one on the ball of my foot is kind of big though, and I have no idea how I got it. This one didn’t bleed (that I’m aware of), although today it looks worse than the one that did. This one is killing me too. Even to stand on it is uncomfortable. I was examining it just now (I’m at work, what else would I be doing but examining my foot?!) and I’m thinking maybe I should have worn real shoes today. Or a bandaid. Or something that would prevent dirt and yuckies from getting into the cut, which actually looks kind of deep. Atleast my job doesn’t require a lot of walking.

On the super bright side, I managed to stip all of the wallpaper out of the Evil (formerly) Wallpapered Bathroom of DOOM, so all that’s left in there is some serious hole patching and then paint! I’m going to have the paint guy patch the holes though, as they are many and I am not good at it. Another super bright side to the weekend was the painting of the Half Bath downstairs, which looks fantastic (Thanks Mom!), the moving/rewiring of the kitchen light (Thanks Dad and Nate) along with adding a light to the master bath (picture to come, very cool) and moving the ac vent in the kitchen. Also Thanks, Dad and Nate. Someday I hope to be handy, but I don’t ever see myself being able to move an AC vent and then patch the floor after. Or cut a light hole in the ceiling and use the vent fan wiring to power it. I’ll be satisfied if I can hang blinds stright, without bleeing or breaking anything, or having to patch the wall after.